03 March 2010

Silky Smooth

This week is full of excitement:

  • Week 9 of Winter Term
  • Opening weekend of Racing Season and registered
  • Birthday (23)
  • The dawning of the shorts
  • talk of cyclists shaving their legs
We will start at the top. It is week 9 of 11 here at Drexel. The prime time for professors to give out assignments. Finals coming up and racing season is starting. This has been a hell term for me and biking will give me a channel to push out the stress.

With that said, racing season season starts at Rutgers. While the Frozen Toe Season Opener for the ECCC probably won't freeze my toes off, it is going to be my first race not in Intros. Well, I have only done one race in intros, I figure that it would be cool to just jump right into the D races. As long as I don't come in last, I should be fine.

There are no maps on the flyer for the race so I have no idea what the course is going to look like, but from what I have heard it is a pretty fast race. I do well with flat roads. And downhills. Uphills, not so much. It should be an exciting weekend. And I get to see Aditi (don't forget the wall hanging thingy)! So exciting!

It is my birthday this week. That is about it.

It is March. It came a bit quick. But the exciting thing about it is I get to start wearing shorts. It is still a bit nippy out on the bike, but leg and arm warmers were invented for taking care of that. Also, shorts weather also means that the traffic circle can be paved. Yeppie!

This season has introduced the notation of shaving the legs. The winter meeting for the cycling one of the last slides contained the "shave those legs." Recently took the dive and just took care of it. Interesting experience in it self, but the winter bib is more comfortable. Also, I will also be avoiding the mocking. There is a nice article on a fellow ECCC racers blog at http://bit.ly/8YeTgP.

Well, pictures and updates will come after the weekend.