21 February 2010

"Riding a Tall-Bike"

riding next to you today, out of the corner of my eye I kept thinking you were a guy riding a tall-bike.
Nick Bikes
Today started the "OH SHIT, racing session starts in 2 weeks" training regiment. Not as bad as I wound have thought that it would be. Clearly not in the shape that I need to be in to make it to number one, but I should be able to make to the end of the race, which was my goal.

Basically today's session was spent on the Points Race (need to do that race this week) course working on the basics of racing: pace lines, turning and plotting to knock Tim off his bike. Felt pretty comfortable with every thing. Need to work on the whole rotating through the pace line. Some how at the front, accelerate and when dropping to the back a large gap appears with me straining to close it. I partly blame the fact that I forgot to charge my GPS unit and  had no idea how fast I was really going, but I feel that with more experience, a natural feeling for the line will develop. Also, I think that my turns are a bit wide, but no one has said any thing yet.

The exciting event of the day was the dawning of the new Drexel Kits. Made by Vomax, I can't comment on the quality of them as I didn't even own a kit before these. They are nice, new and bright white to the point I do not want to wear them for fear of getting them dirty. Also to note, there is a massive amount of yellow that is associated with them. The arm and leg warmers are pure bright yellow. There will be some augmenting of them with other assorted warmers to reduce the feeling of being a sun as I ride down the street, let alone match better with my bike.

In other news, the Philly Phlyer is starting to solidify more and more. Need to yell at the venues in the next couple of days, but all should be good. To add a bit of excitement that should be build for the race, there will be low flying airplanes over the crit course during the race. Should be exciting.

Note on the quote at the top of the posting. Nick is on the cycling team with me and posted that on my Facebook will after our ride to day. It just reassured me that I had picked a good name for the blog.

'til next time: don't be lazy like me and spend time making race flyers. Use that time and race or just ride.

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