16 February 2010

The Start

Hello all!

This is my first season for racing with the ECCC. I'm quite excited. It should be an exciting time. While I wouldn't be able to make it to all the races, there are many that I'm going to and really looking forward to.

I hope to use this blog to share my experiences with cycling over the next couple of months in relation to racing, and any thing else that I do that is cycling related.

Just to give every one some background knowledge on the name of this blog. I'm 6'7". A pure giant. My bike, Clifford, is just to small for me. It is a 63cm Cannondale CAAD 4. It is a pretty bike. Based on my size, I need a 69cm frame. There are two that are sitting in my kitchen. So, there you have it I'm just to big for my bike.

Other Exciting Things
Here are some other things that are currently happening in my world of cycling.

The Philly Phlyer
Even though this is my first year racing, I have seemed to have found myself helping to plan this year's race. It has been a challenge to plan, and make sure that everything will go off with out a hitch. There are going to be thing that will be new this year. Things that will almost the same as previous years. Things that will just be plain awesome.

There will be another posting after every thing has been finalized. It is just going to be plain cool.

The Commuter
Some how I have crack my frame on my commuter bike. It's a 69cm Raleigh. Awesome bike. I think that I have replaced every thing on it, and it has been the bike that I learned a lot of my knowledge on in terms of bike mechanics.

The frame is cracked on the left drop out. My house mate says that I shouldn't ride it, but that isn't going to stop me. It adds a bit of excitement to commute to campus, along with the ice and snow.

If any one has any idea what to do about me breaking bikes and bike parts, please please chime in.

The Training
Ha. Where is the time for that?

Mountain Biking
With all of this snow on the ground, I have taken an interest in taking an attempt at mountain biking. Fixed gears with road slicks provide for a certain level of ... excitement ... while riding, but a mountain bike would be awesome to have. So with that, I have started the search for a mountain bike. Really need to do more reading up on it in terms of sizing but I think that I will be able to find on at some point.

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